Thursday, January 19, 2012


It's been a couple of years since anything happened here, but I'm bringing this blog back to life to document some of the challenges we're facing with our new music startup,  I've let the blog stagnate for a couple of years as I had planned to leave the music startup life behind - but there's something about music that pulls you back in! I have another blog over on posterous that is the "offical" blog, but that's more for consumer friendly information and press release type stuff. This blog will be geared more toward people interested in startups, digital music and the places where those 2 worlds meet.  I hope to talk about what is going on with online music today and also maybe be able to share some helpful tips to other startup founders, particularly those doing music startups.  It can be a hard road to follow at times!  Of course the test with any blog is how well the blogger can consistently keep it updated but my plan is to do a new original post at least once a week and occasionally post things I find interesting and useful from around the web.